Survivor Truck Goes Anywhere with Panasonic Toughbook, Toughpad

Survivor TruckTowering above the ground and filled with sophisticated technology and survival gear, the Survivor Truck is a vehicle unlike any other.

Built to serve as the ultimate mobile command center, the Survivor Truck is equipped for use in everything from natural disasters, to combat in distant war zones, to humanitarian missions and surveillance operations, said its creator, Jim DeLozier. Based on the prototype in operation today, DeLozier plans to work with government and commercial organizations to develop similar custom vehicles that could one day change the way first responders manage natural disaster rescue and recovery operations; or the way wars are fought.

DeLozier said the truck takes aspects of vehicles currently used in the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and disaster response, and combines them into a one 13-ton beast. Unlike other commercial and government vehicles available today, it’s purpose-built to serve as a versatile platform for long-term deployment in a remote or hostile environment. Atop its 53-inch tires sits what once was a standard Chevy C70, outfitted with every conceivable piece of equipment needed to survive whenever, wherever the truck is needed. Features include:

  •     A Chevy 366 ci tall block engine that runs on gasoline or propane, with five total gasoline and propane fuel tanks
  •     An armored command center with workstations for 3 to 5 people
  •     6V /12V / propane, CNG & gasoline engine and generators, solar panels and a deployable solar generator. The truck also includes a custom food storage system and water storage for up to 120 gallons, plus purification and desalination capabilities
  •     Other unique features include thermoregulated camouflage netting to encompass the entire truck and maintain an ambient heat signature, a welder, an air compressor, front and rear winches, and a sniper platform with a 360-degree protective cage



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Survivor Truck Goes Anywhere with Panasonic Toughbook, Toughpad